Acer platanoides Pacific Sunset

There have been some lovely autumn colours to view this season and a fairly new tree to our range didn’t disappoint. Acer platanoides Pacific Sunset looks like straightforward Norway Maple in the summer months but in the autumn its lustrous green leaves turn a mix of gold, yellow and even red. This tough tree thrives on most soils and is great for large gardens, parkland or for avenues. There are loads of clones for Acer platanoides, some with red summer leaves, some flushing red before turning green, some variegated and some golden. They are all very robust but in our opinion Acer platanoides Pacific Sunset is the pick of them for autumn colour.

When picking trees for your garden think of the timing of their display to allow for season long interest. Cornus mas for flower in February/March; Flowering Cherries in April/May with the Flowering Crab Apples and Magnolias soon to follow; Crataegus Paul Scarlet (thorn) in late May; Koelreuteria flower for summer flower; Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea for autumn flower; Betula utilis Jacquemontii for sustained year round back interest and Acer platanoides Pacific Sunset along with Liquidambar Worplesdon for autumn colour. If you play it right and have a garden large enough, you can get continuous interest with trees for the entire year!

To find out what trees are best for your soil and conditions within your garden feel free to phone us of e mail us, we would be please to advise!


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