How to select a tree from Buy The Tree You See

So, you have made a decision regarding which type of tree species you would like to buy from Barcham, and if they are available, are now faced with the prospect of actually choosing the tree we will deliver to you using the Buy The Tree You See videos! Where do you start with picking a good tree?

Here are some tips on choosing a tree:

  1. Is it an appealing shape and spread?
  2. Do the branches start at a good height for you?
  3. Is the stem straight?
  4. Is the crown fairly even and balanced?
  5. Fundamentally, do you “like” the tree?

We have selected the Buy The Tree You See trees with as close to perfection as you are able to achieve with a living product and therefore they will all be “good” specimens for their variety in terms of shape and quality, so do not worry about the technicality when choosing your tree from the videos.  Simply focus on which one you like the best and you will not be disappointed when you finally meet the tree in real life!

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