Are bigger trees more likely to fail?

Many think the smaller the tree the more likely it is to survive. This is true of trees supplied as root balled or bare root, i.e. trees plucked from the open ground with root systems exposed like fish out of water, but not true of our Barcham trees.

Think of a bare rooted tree or root balled tree in terms of a running pump with no access to water. A tree’s system is pressurized to carry water from the roots to the shoots and if the roots are exposed the tree cannot then move water around its system and so quickly dies of dehydration. Our large trees are all grown in our patented Light Pots which provide an un-wounded and vibrant root system at planting so it doesn’t matter whether you plant a small tree or a large specimen tree from Barcham, they are all geared up for rapid establishment. Our roots are in fully functional order when you take delivery for your trees!

With this in mind, if you plant one of our trees as per our planting guide instructional video and use one of our watering bags to apply water in its first growing season by filling once a week, we guarantee our trees for survival and there aren’t many tree nurseries that say that!

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