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The flakey bark of Cornus mas on a maturing tree
The bright red fruit of Cornus mas
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Medium-sized Cornelian Cherry trees at Barcham

Cornus mas

Cornelian Cherry

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Cornus mas, also known as Cornelian Cherry, offers a prolonged period of visual appeal.

This pretty tree was introduced in the late 1890s and won the Award of Merit in 1929. The Cornelian Cherry is a native of central and southern Europe.

This compact tree has small yellow flowers that appear in February from the bare stems putting on a stunning display of colour in an otherwise gloomy month of the year!

The bright red, cherry-like fruits are edible, and the leaves turn a delightful reddish purple in autumn.

Cornus mas is typically cultivated as a multi-stem bush. However, we have successfully trained ours into a single-stem specimen reaching 1.8m in height, boasting a well-balanced and compact crown. This makes it suitable for elevated planting in gardens and parkland.

Cornelian Cherry is hardy and adaptable, thriving in various soil conditions. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, offering year-round interest.

Mature height: 3-7m

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