Medium Tilia x euchlora pleached

Tilia x euchlora (Pleached)

Caucasian Lime Pleached

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Please note: Pleached Tilia Euchlora size Medium may be provided in a 45, 65 or 100l container.

Tilia euchlora Lime trees can be trained into square frames (pleached) and are useful for screening where space is at a premium.

Tilia x euchlora is the result of a cross between Tilia cordata and Tilia dasystyla and usefully aphids are not attracted to its dark green foliage, so the associated “stickiness” is not a problem.

If left unattended, the Caucasian Lime can grow as broad as it is tall, which can limit its usefulness somewhat. Fortunately Lime reacts very well to hard pruning and pollarding, and thus makes it a good candidate for training into a flat pleach for screening use.

These trees have approximately 1.8m clear stem and are trained onto a flat frame which measures approximately 1.2m x 1.2m.

Trees trained in this way will require regular maintenance to prune back and tie any loose branches back onto the frames.

Tilia x euchlora trained into pleached panels can be extremely effective for improving privacy in small urban gardens, and like any pleached tree, have the benefit of doing this without reducing the living space in the garden.

To from an instant screen you can plant these trees 1.2m apart so each panel will meet the next,  Lime is a tough and tolerant tree and will cope with planting in a wide range of conditions including heavy clay soils.

Mature height: 3m (if maintained)

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