Tilia x euchlora in early autumn on the nursery
Tilia x euchlora in early autumn on the nursery
Seed pods and foliage of Tilia x euchlora
Medium Tilia x euchlora
Instant Tilia x euchlora
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Carbon Rating

Tilia x euchlora

Caucasian Lime, Crimean Lime

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The Tilia x euchlora has large dark green leaves which are characteristic of Lime. 

The fragrant creamy yellow flowers appear in late Spring followed by bright yellow/orange colour in the autumn time.

Tilia x euchlora is the result of a cross between Tilia cordata and Tilia dasystyla and usefully aphids are not attracted to its dark green foliage, so the associated “stickiness” is not a problem.

Lime is a tough and tolerant tree and will cope with planting in a wide range of conditions including heavy clay soils.

This large tree can get as broad as it is tall, so care should be taken to plant where space allows thus is probably best selected for a parkland setting.

  It is a vigorous tree which is the perfect addition to a traditional planting scheme or avenue.

Mature height: 17-22m

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Caucasian Lime, Crimean Lime
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