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Malus Jonagold

Apple Jonagold

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Malus Jonagold is an American hybrid cross between Golden Delicious and the blushed red Jonathan that was raised in New York in 1953. 

It produces large, sweet apples that are favoured by commercial growers due to their reliable size. The flower is showy and pale pink and colour, produced in the spring as the foliage emerges. 

The leaves are small, elliptical and glossy green in colour; it can exhibit some attractive yellow tones in the autumn time. The apples are tasty and full of flavour, with a thin skin that makes then perfect for eating freshly picked. 

They are largely golden yellow with a bright blush, however can be fully golden or red.

Malus Jonagold is a triploid variety of Apple; this means that is needs two different pollinations partners in the vicinity to produce fruit. The following Malus varieties are available from Barcham Trees and are considered useful for this purpose; Malus Discovery, Malus Howgate Wonder, Malus Elstar and Malus Laxton’s Superb.

At Barcham we grow this tasty eating apple as a full standard on semi-dwarfing M16 rootstock to produce a small, round headed tree at maturity. 

Like most edible apples, this tree will tolerate a range of soil conditions, providing it is well drained.

If you live in an area prone to rabbits or deer then we recommend rabbit guards for these trees.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Apple Jonagold
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