How to choose the right trees for your garden

At Barcham we appreciate that choosing trees for your garden or landscaping project is a huge pressure, often websites are full of jargon and information that doesnt really help you to make appropriate decisions. Here’s how Barcham can help; we will take into account all of your tree planting requirements and help you to select the appropriate species to compliment your needs.

All we need to do this is a little information! The following will give you a starting point to focus your search in finding the right trees for your situation. Think about the area for which you require the trees:

• Is space a prohibiting factor, for example, are there any buildings in close proximity? If so, take a look at our Favourite Garden Trees.

• Is the site exposed, subject to extreme weather conditions or close to the coast? If so, take a look at our selection of trees for Coastal Conditions.

• Is the area predominately Wet? Or Dry?

• What is the soil like? Is it predominantly Clay, or does it exhibit extremes in pH?

Think about the impact that the trees are to have upon the area to be planted:

• Is the desired effect to create an avenue that will provide long lasting, impressive results?

• Is autumn colour an important feature?

• Do the trees need to be evergreen? Or do they simply need to provide all year round interest? For example provide Bark Interest; Edible Fruits and Edible Nuts.

• Do the trees need to provide a screen? See Evergreen trees, hedging and stilted hedging

• Are ornamental qualities required? Pink flowers? White flowers?

• Are they to fit in with an existing native theme?

Once you have identified the above, the friendly and experienced sales team at Barcham can offer comprehensive advice regarding the species selection for your project. Simply give us a call on 01353 720 950 or send us an email.

We will help you to choose a tree that meets your expectations; is suitable for the designated site and ultimately will be a statement to be enjoyed by generations to come. Inappropriate species selection can have disastrous results; tree failure and subsidence are but a few of the problems that can arise due to the wrong tree being in the wrong place.

So, avoid disappointment and let us help you to ensure that your trees are selected to last the test of time!

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