Time for trees, edition 3, gone to press

After four years of photography and several months’ worth of writing, Time for trees 3 will be available by the end of May and ready for launch at the Chelsea Flowers Show this year.

The first two editions of our reference book have seen over 55,000 copies distributed and colours were approved on the beginning of the print run yesterday to manufacture a further 10,000 hard backs and 15,000 soft backs.
The printing run will take a week, running 24 hours a day, on gloss paper to accommodate the high resolution photography using a state of the art printing press in a London factory that cost millions!

This edition has captured photography of more trees in their natural settings as well as trees in production with scale of a person beside them to get a perspective of their form and size. There has also been a greater emphasis on demonstrating the versatility of some varieties, such as Quercus ilex which can be grown as a 90 foot tree or maintained as a 6 foot evergreen hedge.

Time for trees 3 will make a perfect gift for any tree enthusiast and features over 450 varieties and over 100 differing genus. All the featured trees have a proven track record for planting in the UK and advice is given detailing their preferred environments in which to thrive.

The forward discusses the importance of biosecurity and the ever increasing need for tree genus diversity to future proof plantings from imported pests and diseases in the years to come.

We are all very excited about our new edition and hope you will like it as well! Please email [email protected] to order your copy!


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