Tilia cordata Winter Orange

We have just lifted our next crop of Tilia cordata Winter Orange for containerization into our 55lt, 65lt and 100lt patented Light Pots. This rare but beautiful tree is very scarce in the trade at these sizes and they have taken four seasons in our fenland fields to produce. They will be ready by September for next planting season. This year’s crop all sold out by October so if you want to reserve some you had better be quick! We are lifting about 20,000 trees across a wide range of varieties and sizes from our field this season, British grown trees at large sizes with known providence.

Tilia cordata Winter Orange is a medium to large tree with crown which is broadly oval at maturity. Being part of the Lime family, it is a tough performer, tolerating the rigours of the urban environment and a range of soil conditions including clay.


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