The biggest Arboricultural event of its kind in Europe!

Preparations are near completion for our Big Barn Conference on Wednesday 17th June. We have guest speakers from around the world updating our 600 registered delegates on the latest Arboricultural research. Lord Framlingham has kindly agreed to do the keynote speech and aims to heighten awareness of the threat of pest and disease coming into the country from imported trees. His speech in the House of Lords in January highlighted the importance of quarantining imported trees and he kindly mentioned that Barcham was the only nursery who currently does this. Since then the idea has gained traction with mainstream magazines like Gardens World featuring this way ahead and I hope tomorrow will further cement this process. With this option available, it will be up to specifiers and buyers to enforce this level of biosecurity by asking how long stock has been in the country and what level of pest and disease screening has been undertaken, i.e. have the trees been routinely inspected by DEFRA.

This will be the largest Arboricultural event in Europe for 2015 and preparations to get the nursery up to speed have not been easy! We were right on track before 50mph winds 10 days ago gave our production team plenty to think about but happily all the repairs have been done. Staging and seating went in yesterday and the main marquee is going up today. All that remains is to decorate the conference area with trees brought in from the main nursery and wait for the first cars to arrive tomorrow morning. Thankfully it looks like the weather will be on our side!

Posted by Mike Glover

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