Mature Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill outside our office
Mature Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill outside our office
Mature Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill in flower at Barcham's
Beautiful autumn colour of Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating

Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill

Juneberry, Serviceberry, Snowy Mespilus

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Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill, also known as the Juneberry , Serviceberry or Snowy Mespilus and is the perfect garden tree. We consider it to be the best form of Amelanchier on the market.

Juneberry trees have the significant benefit of providing some interest at all points of the year; starting in spring, the profuse white flowers emerge in plentiful racemes (flower clusters along a central stem), covering the Amelanchier from top to bottom. The foliage follows the blossom, emerging a coppery colour which turns to bright green by late spring. The fantastic rich red autumn colour concludes this trees remarkable display.

Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill is a tough small tree, performing best in moist, well drained, lime free soil. It is capable of thriving in most soil types; however in soil of reduced quality it is wise to invest time and effort into the tree pit preparation to give the tree the best chance at thriving in less than optimum conditions.

This small tree is an absolute treasure and is suitable for a huge number of planting schemes; from urban street tree planting to residential gardens and parks. Being such a small tree of ultimate size, it can be planted much closer to buildings than most trees, making it particularly useful in gardens where space is a premium.

Certainly if you opt to plant a Juneberry tree, there is no way you will be disappointed as it is simply stunning!

If you live in an area prone to rabbits or deer then we recommend rabbit guards for these trees.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Juneberry, Serviceberry, Snowy Mespilus
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