Mature Alnus glutinosa planted on a small island
Mature Alnus glutinosa planted on a small island
Catkins which adorn the Alnus glutinosa towards the end of the season
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Alnus glutinosa multi stem

Common Alder

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Alnus glutinosa is a tree which is native to the UK. It is a tough contender which is capable of thriving in all soils, even poor ones, and tolerates air pollution. This tree is tolerant of boggy and damp areas, owing to the fact its natural habit is just that; boggy land and river banks. This quality makes Alnus glutinosa a super species to choose for planting in ground liable for flooding and is capable of surviving many weeks with its roots submerged in water.

At Barcham, we grow this Alder as both a single-stem and multi-stemmed tree. Multi-stemmed Alnus glutinosa are particularly useful for lower level screen in wet areas and also work well in windy sites as the centre of gravity is low.

The Common Alder is a tree of medium to large size with a multi-stemmed specimen maturing to a broad rounded shape. Alnus glutinosa produces yellow catkins in March and is a superb host to a diverse range of wildlife.

This tree is a tough and vigorous contender, making a great addition to any native planting mix.

Mature height: 17-22m

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Common Alder
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