Mature Acer rubrum October Glory in a parkland setting
Mature Acer rubrum October Glory in a parkland setting
Summer foliage of Acer rubrum October Glory
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Acer rubrum October Glory

Red Maple October Glory

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Acer rubrum October Glory is one of the most favoured of the Red Maples, largely planted to enjoy its fantastic autumn displays. The foliage of this Red Maple is characteristically lobed and bright green when it emerges in spring, turning to a vivid display of burgundy, red and orange foliage which is often retained on the tree from October and into November.

Acer rubrum October Glory is a patented variety that was named in the US in 1961 having been introduced by the now closed Princeton Nursery.  It is a female clone which produces a medium sized tree with an oval crown at maturity.

This Red Maple will tolerate most soil conditions; however like other Acer rubrum types it does generally prefer a soil which contains the trace nutrient Manganese.

For planting schemes that are aiming for the wow factor in the autumn time, this tree is a must have as there are few other specimens that can rival the display of this American beauty.

Mature height: 7-12m

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Red Maple October Glory
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