A mature specimen of Acer rubrum Red Sunset in a parkland setting
A mature specimen of Acer rubrum Red Sunset in a parkland setting
Medium-sized Acer rubrum Scanlon trees on the Barcham Trees nursery
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Acer rubrum Scanlon

Red Maple Scanlon, Canadian Maple

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We are introducing you to Acer rubrum Scanlon, also known as Canadian Maple. This tree is denser than Acer freemanii Armstrong and boasts a neat, narrow form. It is valued for its upright, columnar habit and bright autumn foliage. Dark green, lobed leaves emerge red in spring alongside clusters of small, red flowers on bare branches. In autumn, the tree loses all its leaves, and fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

Acer rubrum Scanlon grows to around 12m tall with a narrow crown spread and branches low, making it a perfect street and avenue tree. Its trunk is grey, and young twigs are red-brown. Cultivars such as Red Sunset have superseded this worthy clone, but it remains a good option. It has good apical dominance, retaining its leader through to maturity.

As a cautionary note, the presence of manganese in the soil is vital for Acer rubrum types to perform. If you do not have the soil to support your choice, please refer to Acer freemanii Autumn Blaze and Armstrong.

Mature height: 17-22m

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Red Maple Scanlon, Canadian Maple
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