The amount of times I hear the word ‘quirky’. It can apply to behavioural characteristics for both people or animals, or even houses and events. For me, ‘quirky’ is a desirable trait, something different and interesting from the normal.

And you guessed it, quirky is derived from the Latin ‘Quercus’ or in our language ‘Oak’. The haphazard but beautifully shaped crown of our iconic mature English oak, such a feature to our countryside, is what we refer to each time we use the word. It implies tried, tested and unique, much like this beauty that I harvest acorns from every other year in Northamptonshire. This tree was around and thriving when Richard 3rd was born at Fotheringhay Castle in 1452 which coincidentally is less than 2 miles away from where it still grows today!

I always point out to my impressionable kids that most things in life always ends up, or starts, with trees!

Posted by Mike Glover

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