How to offset your CO2 emissions

Offset your CO2 emissions using our carbon calculator in conjunction with our tree carbon storage data!

Now that we have rated our trees with their carbon scores, showing how much carbon they store in their lifetime, we have added a carbon calculator to our website. You can single out a car journey, holiday or even your day to day activities to work out your carbon footprint and see how trees can offset your carbon usage. You can find our carbon calculator tab in the middle of the main navigation bar towards the top of the page. When on the home page, a drop down menu will also appear to navigate you towards an explanation of ‘The Barcham Eco Tree Tag‘ and our ‘Top Trunks Guide‘.

We are the first nursery to commission and publish data to work out how many trees need to be planted to offset carbon dioxide emissions. We have included an easy ‘at a glance’ Top Trunks Guide so you can see how much carbon storage your chosen varieties contribute.

Every tree planted is a credit to the environment. During the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and in the process store carbon to form the basis of their structures. The Animal Kingdom does the opposite with our species taking emissions to heightened levels on the back of our technologies. The balance between Plants and Animals is now skewed and planting trees is the only way we know of to help redress this imbalance.


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