Is it still the season for tree planting?

With soil temperatures rising and the days lengthening it is an ideal time for planting both evergreen and deciduous trees. Containerised trees can be planted at any time of year but root-balled and bare rooted trees cannot be successfully transplanted from April / May onwards when they are in leaf as the strain on their wounded roots is to too much to supply the new leaves being created.

Even with containerised trees we recommend planting before they flush in the spring as this growth coincides with root development and if the tree isn’t planted ahead of this, much needed establishment time is lost.
The most active growth for trees occurs from May through to July so if a tree can be planted before this so much the better. The crucial thing to aid establishment is a source of slow release water and this is where our Tree Hydration Bags come nicely into play. Tree roots need oxygen, water and temperature blended in measure to thrive. Too much water and they drown, too little and they drought. Our watering bags deliver the water slowly to give time for the surrounding soil to grip it within the newly establishing rooting zone so the tree can then access it. The Hydration Bags sits nicely on top of the root system and will also help suppress weeds and stops the accidental bumps from mowers or garden strimmers.

To summarise, if you can plant your trees before they come out into leaf in May, you will be working with the tree’s physiology and get faster, more rewarding results. If you have to plant a tree when it is in leaf, little and often watering becomes more crucial for establishment and we would strongly recommend our Tree Hydration Bag to help in this.

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