In times of uncertainty, you can count on Barcham.

During these times of uncertainty one thing you can put your faith in is Barcham’s commitment to Bio Security. As part of our work to gain accreditation for ISO 14001, Bio Security has been an integral part of our Environmental Management System. We have a robust Policy and Procedures in place to ensure we play our part in reducing the threat of pest and disease to our Environment.

This was highlighted last year with a visit from the Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s visit to the Nursery to see our controls first hand.

During this visit he commented “I have been incredibly impressed with Barcham’s commitment to biosecurity and also the fact that they are producing some beautiful and iconic trees which will ensure that across the UK that people will have access to natural beauty.”

This is something which really does live and breathe at Barcham. As we continue to drive our Environmental focus our in-house procedure for Bio Security is already on version 3 as we continually improve our controls.

Leaving the Nursery following his visit Mr Gove also commented “I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. When Lucy Frazer MP told me to come here, I knew that I would be visiting one of the most fascinating and impressive nurseries’ in the world”.

Being a relatively new recruit to the business this is certainly something I have felt 1st hand, and one of the reasons I am proud of our commitments as a business to Bio Security and the Environment. You can find the full article HERE


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