How much carbon is stored in trees?

Well, pretty soon Barcham will let you know how much carbon each of our tree varieties will store in their lifetimes. We are giving our trees an A to E environmental rating and installing a carbon calculator within this site so you can work out how much carbon you consume versus how many trees you need to offset.

Take the much maligned Sycamore for example. Regarded by many as a weed, it is one of the best trees for carbon capture and ranks as an ‘A rater’ in our table. We have modelled data in partnership with Treeconomics in Exeter and have used measurements from thousands of trees using a tool called ‘I Tree’.

Fuller explanation will come shortly in subsequent blogs but in the meantime please see an example of one of our product tags below:



























Of course, not all of us have the room to plant a sycamore in our gardens but every tree is a contributor for storing carbon so it’s important to focus on putting the right tree in the right place so it can be left to fulfil its potential.

It is estimated that a mature tree like this will have stored up to 20 tonnes of dry weight carbon within its lifetime:









It’s so important to protect our trees as felling them for development releases their stored carbon back into the atmosphere.







More to follow over the coming weeks!

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