How do we start our trees?

We are known for our instant impact large trees but unlike virtually all other tree nurseries in the UK, we actually grow our trees from scratch! Most trees are imported into the UK but we make a point of collecting seed from native veteran trees to grow the very best providence stock. This year we have had great germination on our Quercus ilex and Castanea sativa crops. Harvesting acorns from the Burghley Estate in Lincolnshire and the Holkham Estate in Norfolk, we sow directly into our seed frames and look at the result! Fabulous young seedlings that we will containerise this autumn to grow on for a further year before lining out in our field to eventually lift and containerize as large trees fit to grace your garden. This process takes up to 12 years from start to finish but there are no shortcuts if you are to end up with UK providence stock.

Having been at the Chelsea Flower Show all week it really hits home that all the trees featured are all imported from Europe. The trouble with this is that imported pests can travel in with this stock which endangers our native trees. Oak Processionary Moth and Ash Die Back have both come into the country via imported trees and the former is going to be the responsibility of the home owner to resolve if found in your garden. It had cost government over a six figure sum to try and control Oak Processionary Moth but this will now fall on the home owner. All because nurseries shortcut the growing phase and import trouble.

So, to safeguard against this, always ask your nursery from where your trees are coming from and then get it in writing from them that they will take on the costs if needed to mop up any unwelcome pest and diseases.

Or buy from a nursery who has control of their production like Barcham!!

Posted by Mike Glover

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