How do I get water to a tree miles from a tap?

Faced with this dilemma on a steamy Sunday afternoon with temperatures soaring to the mid twenties, I had to get water to a newly planted Quercus robur, English Oak, in my local village.

Usually a tree planted in January shouldn’t need watering before it leafs up in April but it’s been so hot and warm I thought it was in need of a drink. I couldn’t get water to the site as it would have slopped all over the place on the walk down to the field so I resorted to the slow release solid form, ice!! Even on the hottest of days ice will take several hours to melt and this gives time for the soil to grip the water where the roots can then access it. It’s a useful way to water trees and has served me well over the years!

It’s crucial for newly planted trees to be kept well hydrated until the longest day in June when root systems are at their most active. In really hot dry summers watering in July through to October is similarly very important.

Please water your trees!!


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