With temperatures climbing into the 30’s your newly planted trees will be particularly susceptible to drying out. This includes trees planted last autumn and winter. A gentle dose of one medium watering can with rose attachment on a daily basis will work wonders when it gets this hot, keeping the soil moist with plenty of accessible water for the root system. For fear of spilling water all over the floor of the conservatory at Barcham, I water our indoor plants with blocks of ice that still take all day to melt even on really hot days. The water release is so slow that it gives time for the compost to grip it rather than drip through the pot and onto the floor.

Every evening I water the Hibiscus in my garden that I planted last November and it is thriving. It has put on 10cm of extension growth already which is great because this will support a full canopy of flowers later on in August. Little and often with water, that’s the secret!

Posted by Mike Glover

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