Don’t be comforted by the rain!

Getting your newly planted tree established during its first summer after planting is all about the watering. This year has almost been the perfect storm for trees in that we have had buckets of rainfall to keep them going but this can lull you into a false sense of security.

The more established a tree gets, the more leaves it will produce but this lush growth can act as an umbrella which deflects rainfall away from the roots beneath.A newly planted tree still has a root system confined to within a metre radius of its original span so it can still be dry at the base of the tree after a rain shower and this will impact on the tree’s ability to support all of its new leaves.

Our tree hydration bags are the best bet for sustained and targeted watering but if you are not using these please make sure your trees are nicely wet at their base and don’t rely on rain to do this! The main trick is to keep the tree in active growth until the longest day, which has now been and gone, but a good watering regime until the end of the growing season will mean that next summer your tree will be established to give you minimal maintenance.

For any queries about the watering of your trees please contact us on 01353 720950 or try our our instant chat!


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