Does your tree hydration bag fail to empty?

I’ve been using the same Tree Hydration Bag for ages and this year its stopped emptying on its own. This is probably due to the fact I have filled it with river water and bits of detritus have clogged it up from within… Or microbes and wood lice etc have gunked it up from below. Anyway, do not despair, you can still carry on using them, just pin prick the base to start the flow again but make sure the new holes are from underneath rather than from the side as it will discharge the water horizontally instead of down into the soil by the rootball if not. Also, if your bag is on a slight slope, prick it up the slope so the water then runs towards the root system.

You can carry on using these bags for years with a little intervention of this kind, a great way to water trees, whilst also providing rabbit and herbicide protection as well as suppressing weeds.


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