Combating pests and diseases

Following on from a House of Lords debate in January bemoaning the introduction of new pest and diseases coming into the UK from companies importing trees from abroad, we are saying that it doesn’t have to be this way! Every October I collect seeds from veteran UK trees that have a proven history and providence. The acorns I collect are from specimen trees over 300 years old and they are planted in seedbeds the day after I harvest them for best germination results.

Seedlings emerge in the spring and are left to grow on for a year before being pricked out into containers the following winter to develop their root systems for a further growing season.From there they are planted into our field unit to grow on for another 4 years before being lifted and containerised for sale as an instant impact tree to provide beauty or privacy screening for gardens across the breadth of the UK.

Always ask where your trees are coming from! 9 times out of 10 they will be imported, sometimes with nasty ramifications. Oak Processionary Moth, which can hospitalize people if they inhale their projectile hairs, was brought into the UK by importing nurseries. This pest will cost London over a six figure sum to combat next summer, all because of lax biosecurity. It is possible to reverse this trend by buying from British growers who don’t factor in trees from abroad for immediate resale and who would rather put the time in to do the job properly!


Posted by Mike Glover

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