Christmas is on its way!

Well it seems that time of year is upon us that we drink, eat and be merry (!) and indeed it is the time of year that the tree production process ramps up to being in full swing! So, as much as we are getting into the Xmas spirit here at Barcham, we are full steam ahead now with lifting from the field and containerising new stock ready for supply next autumn time.

Our potting machine has been working hard for around 3 weeks now, being used to pot the smaller stock in an automated process that means we can containerise a considerable number of trees each day. The start of this process has been somewhat delayed this year, as the extremely mild autumn and early winter has meant it has taken some time for the deciduous trees to be ready for lifting from the field, however we are catching up now. We have also lifted some large, semi-mature, Betula albosinensis Fascination for hand potting that we have been growing in the field next to the main road to the Barcham nursery. These trees are stunning and we are all very excited to have them ready for sale next year, and hopefully video some for Buy The Tree You See in the summer!

In other news, the finishing touches have recently been added to our latest poly tunnel, which will be used to over winter some of the more tender species such as Olive.

Don’t forget that trees are a great Xmas gift, and whilst time is running out now to get trees to you in advance of Xmas day, we can send a copy of our book in the post to you to give to the recipient of your gift, or indeed we can send gift vouchers for trees. you can buy Gift Vouchers, that we can happily personalise for you, at the following link. Buy Christmas Gift Vouchers here.



Posted by Ellen Carvey

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