Choosing our Chelsea trees today!

With the set up for our stand at the Chelsea Flower Show starting this Thursday, we have selected our trees this morning. I would have loved to have taken a tree from a superb batch of Cercis siliquastrum (Judas Tree) but unfortunately they are in full flower so won’t last carrying this blossom into next week.

In the end we picked a lovely Prunus Royal Burgundy multi stem, a couple of lush Sorbus aria Lutescens, a mixture of birch to show the difference in Bark colour, three Acer platanoides Princeton Gold and an assortment of pleached trees. To mark the entrance of the stand we have picked out two magnificent Taxus baccata Fastigiata, upright yew, which are over six feet tall.

There are many more of our trees working their way down to Chelsea, both to gardens and trade stands so if you get to go you will be surrounded by our stock! It is always a challenge to supply gardening shows at this time of year as many of the tree genus have not achieved anything like full canopy whilst many of the flowering trees such as cherry and crab apple have already produced their flowering display. We try and rig the changes every year to keep the visitors guessing and give them new choices to consider.

If you are visiting Chelsea this week, be sure to visit us on stand WA2. We are selling our hardback reference took, time for Trees, for a discounted price of £10 from their normal price of £25 so don’t miss out!


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