Barcham Trees in the UK landscape

There are over 1,400,000 Barcham trees growing within the U.K. Landscape!

Our nursery has been growing trees for over 30 years and over 1.4 million of our instant impact trees are now planted within our U.K. landscape. So whatever city, town, village or garden you live by, you are never too far away from a Barcham tree!

Autumn is a great time to notice trees. I’ve just been to our local supermarket and saw a line of magnificent Liquidambar turning into their autumnal foliage display from trees we supplied about 10 years ago




This Acer griseum, supplied about 7 years ago is thriving in a village garden and fills its space beautifully with autumn foliage interest and year round bark interest.







Betula albosinensis Fascination is one of our favourites here at Barcham and this one, planted 14 years ago, is one of the first of this variety to be planted within the uk. It’s beautiful bark is stunning year round but this time of year it’s foliage turns a buttercup yellow to add to its appeal.






Betula utilis Jacquemontii remains the most popular of Birch’s we supply. Known for its gleaming white trunk from a young age, the Himalayan Birch is great as a multi stem or single stemmed tree. This one was planted 12 years ago in a garden in Rutland and it provides stunning year round interest.


We hope you enjoy your trees this autumn and we already have our sights on 2030 by which time we hope to have over 2 million trees growing away nicely in the uk. The acorn crop we collected this year will be ready for sale by 2025 onwards so we have already started the work!


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