Where do we grow our trees?

Most nurseries import trees to sell on straight away but here at Barcham we adopt a different approach! I went out yesterday to take a few photos of our field trees that will be containerised this autumn for eventual supply in our Light Pots for autumn 2016. Growth rates have been great this year, not too hot or cold with wet days coming along just before it gets too dry. Our Carpinus betulus Fastigiata (Upright Hornbeam) look amazing this year, all lovely and uniform and as straight as pins. We have about 700 of these to lift, some for 65lt pots and some for 100lt pots depending on their girth by the end of September. Some will be left feathered (branches all the way down the trunk) and some will be legged up to have a clear stemmed trunk of 1.8 metres to cater for every planting need.

Our Betula utilis Jacquemontii (White Birch) are also romping away with single stem and multi stem batches all at the top end of their targeted harvest size.

Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer (Ornamental pear) is always a great choice for garden screening as they hold onto their leaves for so long in the autumn and our batch of large and instant sized trees are shaping up very nicely.

Our field trees are all grown about 6 miles away from the main Barcham container unit and they are grown to combat the extremely windy and exposed conditions that the flat fen land throws at them. As we have grown them from scratch, we don’t have to suffer the problems of new pests and diseases associated with imported plants from Europe that is proving to be such a threat to our native trees in recent years.

Our field trees will finish their growing cycle by October and the Pines will be first to be lifted in late September. The deciduous trees will be lifted after leaf drop and when they are dormant in November.

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