Mature Tilia platyphyllos planted in parkland
Mature Tilia platyphyllos planted in parkland
Medium Tilia platyphyllos
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Tilia platyphyllos

Broad Leaved Lime

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This native Broad-Leaved Lime is a classic which won the First Class Certificate in 1892.

Tilia platyphyllos is a fast growing tree which reaches significant heights and widths at maturity. It has luscious foliage which gives the tree a healthy appearance all year round.

This tree has a roughly fissured bark which, unlike other Limes, tends not to sucker too much.

The leaves are circular in shape and dark green.

Like many Limes this tree has a lime yellow autumn colour and tends to lose its leaves early in the autumn period.

This tree is a tough performer and is capable of tolerating urban conditions, yet it really is best suited to planting in the countryside. It will tolerate most soil types, including clay soils.

Tilia platyphyllos is a classic tree which has been widely planted on parkland, estates and in avenues for many years in the UK.

It is tolerant of pruning and pollarding to maintain its shape or can be left alone to form statuesque specimens.

It is truly a great choice of avenue tree and certainly requires space to reach its full glory.

Mature height: 20m+

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Broad Leaved Lime
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