Mature Tilia cordata x mongolica Harvest Gold
Mature Tilia cordata x mongolica Harvest Gold
Medium Tilia cordata x mongolica Harvest Gold
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Tilia cordata x mongolica Harvest Gold

Mongolian Linden

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Tilia mongolica Harvest Gold is an exciting addition to the Barcham range, commonly known as a variety of Mongolian Linden, and is a cross between Tilia cordata and Tilia mongolica. 

This pretty hybrid was developed in Manitoba, Canada and has been available in limited supply until recent years.

Barcham sourced small plants direct from the American supplier and lined them in the fields in 2008, making them now readily available in our Medium sized range.

The leaves are heart shaped in a similar manner to Tilia cordata, with a slightly serrated edge inherited from its other parent.

This hybrid is particularly notable for its autumn foliage, which turns a wonderful bright yellow before the leaves fall.

  It is also resistant to aphid infestation and has a patchwork bark that becomes more distinct with age.

Like many Lime, this tree is not too particular on soil type, performing well on most soil conditions, including clay. 

At maturity, this tree forms an attractive oval crown and is thus well suited to avenue planting.

All in all Tilia mongolica Harvest Gold has some very desirable characteristics that make it useful as an avenue, parkland or specimen garden tree.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Mongolian Linden
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