Heart shaped foliage and seed pods on Tilia cordata Rancho
Heart shaped foliage and seed pods on Tilia cordata Rancho
Medium Tilia cordata Rancho
Instant Tilia cordata Rancho
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Tilia cordata Rancho

Rancho Little Leaved Linden, Small Leaved Lime

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This tree has small and shiny heart-shaped leaves which are dark green on the surface and light green on the underside; the leaves of this cultivation are much smaller than the species and other cultivars such as ‘Greenspire’.

The creamy coloured, fragrant flowers appear in July and are a welcome addition to this attractive variety of native tree.

In the autumn time, the foliage turns a golden yellow.

Tilia cordata Rancho is smaller in stature than the species and the popular Small Leaved Lime variety ‘Greenspire’, however it is considered to have a neater crown, with ascending and mechanically strong branching angles.

At maturity, this tree produces a dense and conical habit which is extremely regular and tidy; making it a super choice for avenues.

Like all Lime trees, this tree performs well on most soils and will tolerate clay.

This tree is neat and tidy and perfect for planting as an avenue or specimen tree in parklands.

Being of medium size at maturity, this tree is a suitable candidate for large gardens and fits well with a native planting theme.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Rancho Little Leaved Linden, Small Leaved Lime
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