Mature Quecus robur planted in a field
Mature Quecus robur planted in a field
Instant sized Quercus robur in autumn on our nursery
Crinked bark of a mature Quercus robur
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
Medium size Quercus robur

Quercus robur

Common Oak, English Oak, French Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Polish Oak, Slavonian Oak

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Quercus robur is a real national treasure, planted extensively throughout England in the lowland forests, this majestic Oak tree can be found across the length and breadth of the UK.

The foliage of this tree is characteristic for oak, deeply lobed and a dark, yet glossy, green, turning to golden brown in the autumn time.

Quercus robur is able to hold onto the curled up brown foliage for significant periods through the winter time and in less exposed conditions the leaves can still be seen on the tree in spring when the new foliage emerges.

In the autumn time, this oak tree is adorned with acorns, which is a welcome occurrence for wildlife.

As a mature tree the bark becomes deeply grained and gnarly, giving it year round appeal.

Quercus robur is an extremely long lived tree, lasting reportedly over 1000 years.

There are many fabulous specimens dotted around the country and the wonderful thing about this tree is many of these specimens are readily available for people to see, simply planted at the edges of parkland, woodland in on the boundary of agricultural fields.

At maturity, this Quercus robur tree has an expansive imposing crown, often spreading as wide as the tree is tall and is accompanied by an equally large root system.

This is a tough contender which enjoys the UK climate, thrives on most soils and does particularly well on deep, heavy clay.

A simply stunning specimen for planting in parklands and large gardens and indeed anywhere in the UK where space allows.

It is the quintessential avenue tree, offering timeless majesty and tranquillity to any planting scheme with the additional treasure that it offers vast ecological benefit.

Mature height: 20m+

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Common names
Common Oak, English Oak, French Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Polish Oak, Slavonian Oak
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