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Prunus serrula Tibetica standards in summer foliage on the Barcham Trees nursery
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Prunus serrula Tibetica

Tibetan Cherry

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This stunning cherry has stunning mahogany coloured shiny bark which peels with age to reveal further polished bark, it is a truly a tree which gets better with age.

The leaves are small and willow like and it produces small white flowers that are produced in April, sadly they are not as impressive as the stem of this tree; it is this factor alone which drives the planting of the Tibetan Cherry.

Prunus serrula Tibetica was introduced from China by Ernest Wilson in 1908 and has won numerous horticultural accolades including the Award of Garden Merit in 2002.

This vigorous cherry can be purchased as both a single stem specimen, or a multi-stem to exaggerate the effect of the stem, which form is chosen is really reliant upon the requirements of the planting scheme.

Like many cherries, this vigorous grower will thrive in most soil types and prefers a well drained soil.

This small tree is a wonderful addition to a planting scheme, bring colour in the gloomy winter months. It is a great selection for planting in contrast with other coloured bark, for example Betula utilis Jacquemontii, encouraging the bright colours to glow in the doldrums of winter.

It can be planted as an individual specimen or is equally effective as an avenue and can be combined with careful under-planting once the trees are established to exaggerate the colour of the stems.

This is the smallest Prunus serrula Tibetica that we stock at Barcham, check out the Large and Instant specimens to see how your tree will develop over the next few years.

Mature height: 3-7m

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