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A row of Prunus fructosa Globosa on the Barcham Trees nursery
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Prunus fruticosa Globosa

Globe Cherry

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Prunus fruticosa Globosa is a small, round headed cherry tree which is grafter at both the base and the top of the stem.

The flowers are small and single white, appearing in the early spring with the other Prunus varieties. The leaves are small and a bright green in colour, turning a fantastic deep red/orange in the autumn time. 

Prunus fruticoa Globosa is a top worked, or grafted tree which is useful in extremely restricted spaces; the crown will remain rounded and compact throughout the duration of its lifetime. 

The globe form is produced by grafting a Prunus avium stem onto Colt rootstock and fruticosa Globosa is then grafted at the top. This combination produces a tree with a root system that does not cause pavement heave, has a clear stem of 1.8-2m and a compact and rounded crown.

It is useful to point out that the trunk of this tree will not get taller over time; all of the growth will come from the tips of the round crown.

Like all ornamental cherry, this tree is best planted in well drained soils, as it does not enjoy having its roots sat in water at all. If you have heavy clay soil, consider mound planting this tree or opting for a comparable compact Malus variety.

The Globe cherry is a great choice for short avenues and very formal gardens where architectural shapes direct the landscape. 

It can be clipped to maintain density.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Globe Cherry
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