Malus trilobata size medium
Malus trilobata size medium
Malus trilobata flower
Malus trilobata autumn colour
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Carbon Rating

Malus trilobata

Lebanese Wild Apple

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The Malus trilobata, now often referred to by some as Eriolobus trilobatus, is a small tree with a compact and upright growth habit.

Unlike many other Malus, this tree offers a beautiful vibrant red autumn leaf, with the leaf itself being lobed and someone reminiscent of Liquidambar for those who are also familiar with this variety.

The variety also benefits from small white flowers in Spring, and a small crab apple can be produced too although not the varieties most notable feature.

A great tree for a smaller garden where you are looking for a narrow growing specimen.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Common names
Lebanese Wild Apple
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