The stunning pure white flowers of Malus Golden Hornet
The stunning pure white flowers of Malus Golden Hornet
The stunning pure white flowers of Malus Golden Hornet in detail
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Malus Golden Hornet

Golden Hornet Crab Apple

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Malus Golden Hornet is a superb Crab Apple which has been available since the 1940’s, it has won a number of awards including the RHS First Class Certificate in 1961.

This pretty tree produces a profuse display of pure white flowers in the spring time.  The green leaves emerge shortly afterwards, and provide almost full coverage by the time the floral display is over. 

The plump fruits develop towards the end of the summer, initially small and green, the fruits gradually ripen to be a striking Golden Yellow colour. 

This tree tends to be very laden with fruit and one should thus be careful that branches are not damaged by the additional weight.  The fruit often remains on the tree well into the winter time, as the bright yellow colour is not appetising to wildlife. 

It makes a fantastic display if they hold on until there is snow, or indeed a sharp frost covering. Malus Golden Hornet forms an oval headed, small, tree at maturity. 

It is a tough performer and like all Crab Apple trees will tolerate a range of soil conditions, including clay. 

Crab Apples are self-fertile; this means they do not need any pollination partners to produce fruit, that said, they are very useful as pollinators for a variety of fruit trees.

Introducing colour is an integral part of all planting schemes and this tree has a fantastic ability to do this as the vivid yellow of the fruit really is quite striking and will provide interest for a number of months after the summer is over.

If you live in an area prone to rabbits or deer then we recommend rabbit guards for these trees.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Golden Hornet Crab Apple
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