The pretty flowers of a mature specimen of Magnolia soulangeana
The pretty flowers of a mature specimen of Magnolia soulangeana
Mature multi-stem specimen of Magnolia soulangeana
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Magnolia x soulangeana multi stem

Saucer Magnolia

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Magnolia soulangeana, or the Saucer Magnolia, is a signature Magnolia for the UK.

This stunning Magnolia, evocative of urban gardens in England, has large, white, purple-tinted flowers which appear in April and May. Like most Magnolias, this tree produces flowers before foliage and tends be an early flowering tree. The leaves are bright green, turning to golden yellow and brown in the autumn time.

Magnolia soulangeana was developed in the early 19th century in France and is now widely planted throughout England. This medium to large tree usually develops into a broad, large, round headed shrub at maturity. 

The Saucer Magnolia will tolerate most soil types, including lime soils and it can also tolerate heavy clay soils.

This bright beauty really heralds the spring in the UK and is one of the showiest of all the Magnolias.

It is best allowed the space to grow and develop as it can reach considerable width with age.

It is a great choice for feature planting and is a good choice for those gardens that need a pick me up in the spring.

Mature height 7-12m

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Saucer Magnolia
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