Betula pendula Zwisters Glory bark
Betula pendula Zwisters Glory bark
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating

Betula pendula Zwisters Glory

Silver Birch

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This tree has all of the pretty ornamental qualities of its parent, Betula pendula, with the benefit of a uniform crown shape and whiter bark.

Rather than adopting the open and gently weeping shape of Betula pendula, this cultivar has branches that ascend from the trunk at a 45 degree angle, and with the central leader retained this tree forms a tidy pyramidal crown shape.

Betula pendula Zwisters Glory has foliage that is small and plentiful with bright white bark that has the potential to rival the ever popular Betula utilis Jaqcuemontii and as such it is likely this clone will become in more demand as it becomes widely planted.

Like the species this tree will thrive in most soil types. This tree is the perfect choice for avenue planting, large gardens and parklands and can offer a twist on a favourite native tree.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Silver Birch
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