Catkins of Silver Birch
Catkins of Silver Birch
Foliage and emerging catkin on Betula pendula
Mature Betula pendula in early autumn
Stems of Betula pendula planted in groves
Betula pendula bark shown on our nursery during summer
Mature Betula pendula
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
Medium feathered Betula pendula specimen

Betula pendula

Silver Birch

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Betula pendula, also known as Silver Birch or “The Lady of the Woods”, due to its graceful and slender appearance.

Betula pendula is a pioneer species, and even though it seems to grow everywhere in the UK, it is very difficult to transplant bare-rooted, however, our containerised trees counter this trend and do very well post-planting.

Betula pendula has foliage that is small and plentiful and a conical and semi-weeping crown shape, responsible for its graceful appearance. Like all Birch trees, Betula pendula has an attractive bark which is creamy white and develops horizontal lines and large, diamond-shaped cracks as the tree matures.

This large and vigorous Silver Birch tree grows well on most soils but is not well suited to areas where the soil becomes compacted. At Barcham we stock "Betula pendula" as both a multi-stem and single trunk tree which may be useful for slightly more exposed sites as their centre of gravity is much lower.

Betula pendula is a woodland tree which requires plenty of space to grow; it is suitable for parklands and large gardens and is especially suited to schemes which aim for an ornamental feel with a native focus.

Mature height: 12-17m

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