Mature weeping birch showing autumn colours
Mature weeping birch showing autumn colours
Mature Betula pendula Youngii in a rural location
Betula pendula Youngii
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Carbon Rating
Medium-sized Youngs Weeping Birch trees

Betula pendula Youngii

Youngs Weeping Birch

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Betula pendula Youngii, also known as Youngs Weeping Birch, originated in the early 1870s and has been a garden favourite in the UK for many years.

It forms a small to medium-sized tree with a dome-shaped crown. It has no defined leader so its trailing branches can easily be trained to drape graciously to the floor.

Betula pendula Youngii is sometimes produced as a top-worked tree, with a graft at the top of the stem, however at Barcham we prefer to grow a structurally stronger tree from the base, drawing up the leader until we have formed a clean trunk which can support the crown as it develops to maturity.

Like all Birch trees, this one produces an attractive white bark and has a dense display of serrated triangle foliage which hangs delicately off the long, thin branches which eventually develop until they reach ground level. In the autumn time, the foliage turns a pretty golden yellow before falling.

This tree is a reliable performer, tolerating most soil conditions. Betula pendula Youngii is perfect for smaller gardens, where space is limited, as its ultimate size can be controlled by training into an umbrella shape at whatever height is the most desirable. It also makes a stunning centrepiece in large lawned areas.

Mature height: 5-10m

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