Foliage of Alnus incana
Foliage of Alnus incana
Mature Alnus incana
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
Grey Alder
Row of Speckled Alder trees

Alnus incana

Grey Alder, Speckled Alder

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Alnus incanca, also known as the Grey Alder, is a tough member of the Alder family that was introduced from Europe in the 1780s. The Grey Alder is broadly pyramidal at maturity, with fairly small oval leaves that are pointed, which readily distinguishes Alnus incana from that of glutinosa. 

Catkins are produced at the end of winter, just before spring kicks into life; they are profuse and pink/yellow. The bark is smooth and grey. Alnus in general is a very tough Genus of tree and the Grey Alder is no exception to this, a tough contender that is capable of tolerating and thriving in cold, wet soils and extremely exposed situations.

It is a stalwart and reliable tree that will thrive on all soils and does especially well on calcareous sites. Interestingly, like other Alder, Alnus incana are capable of fixing nitrogen in the soil, which improves the nutrient content for the future. 

With this in mind, this tree is the perfect choice for challenging sites where conditions are less than favourable, yet trees are still on the agenda.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Grey Alder, Speckled Alder
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