Mature Alnus cordata
Mature Alnus cordata
Instant Alnus cordata
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
Medium-sized Italian Alder trees on the Barcham Tree nursery

Alnus cordata

Italian Alder

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Alnus cordata, known as the Italian Alder, is a fast-growing pyramidal tree that sometimes holds onto its green glossy leaves as late as December in mild urban areas making it a very good screening tree.

Introduced in the 1820s from Italy, it is very hardy and thrives on wet or dry soils after establishment. The vigour of Alnus cordata makes it unsuitable for paved areas near buildings but it makes an excellent windbreak and screen for large open boundaries.

Yellow catkins are produced in the spring and its leaves eventually turn yellow before they fall in the late autumn.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Italian Alder
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