Scaled image of Acer plantanoides Royal Red size Medium
Scaled image of Acer plantanoides Royal Red size Medium
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Acer platanoides Royal Red

Royal Red Norway Maple

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Like many Acer platanoides species, this Norway Maple tree has discrete yellow flowers that appear in spring and contrast fantastically with the dark purple foliage which gradually turns orange and yellow in the autumn time.

Acer platanoides Royal Red is a vigorous tree that tolerates most soil types, air pollution and resists the perils of drought. As a young tree Acer platanoides Royal Red is conical in shape before developing into a more broadly oval crown.

This large maple tree makes a super choice for avenue planting and should be planted at a minimum of 10m centres as the large and dark leaves have the potential to gobble up light, creating a sombre environment below the canopy. It is therefore far better to give this tree space to use the accessible light to explode the beauty in its dark foliage.

Interestingly, the dark foliage contrasts well in an avenue with a green leaved form such as Acer platanoides Emerald Queen or a yellow version such as Acer platanoides Princeton Gold and can be extremely effective planted alternately to accentuate the vivid colours. Dark colours are a useful in making a statement in the landscape, as contrasting colours tend to draw attention.

To get the best out of a landscape, it is advisable to situate deep or dark colours towards the edge, rather than a front of a scheme.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Royal Red Norway Maple
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