Acer palmatum Red Emperor foliage
Acer palmatum Red Emperor foliage
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Acer palmatum Red Emperor

Red Emperor Japanese Maple

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There are so many Acer palmatum types available on the market it is tricky to settle on the best one. However, ‘Red Emperor’ is hard to beat! Like Acer palmatum Bloodgood, it is slightly more wine red than dark red in the summer months and is slightly later to emerge in the spring.

Preferring a neutral to acid soil, this clone is both vigorous and hardy, eventually making a sturdy bush up to seven metres in height by five metres broad. 

Best on free draining soils, ‘Red Emperor’ should be given a sheltered sunny position for best results. We are often asked about growing these in permanent decorative containers and, like all trees, they eventually run out of soil volume and gently decline when pot bound. By autumn, the deep red foliage can turn a luminescent crimson before falling.

Mature height: 5-7m

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Red Emperor Japanese Maple
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