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Acer negundo Variegata

Variegated Box Elder

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Introduced from a branch sport off a nursery in southern France in 1845, Acer negundo Variegata makes a glorious garden tree but has to be well maintained to get the most from its majestic display of silver lined variegated foliage.

As with Acer negundo Flamingo we grow this tree as a bottom grafted tree as it gets too heavy if grafted at the top of an Acer negundo stem for the graft union to support its weight. The trick to keeping Acer negundo Variegata vibrant is to prune heavily each winter to encourage vigorous regrowth. If left alone, the tree has a tendency to slowly revert to green, in similar fashion to Acer platanoides Drummondii.

Thriving on most soils, this tough tree is best for gardens where they can be enjoyed to the full. For the sake of a 50% reduction each winter there are few that rival its variegated display.

Mature height 7-12m

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Variegated Box Elder
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