Abies fraseri 2.0-2.5m
Abies fraseri 2.0-2.5m
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Abies fraseri

Fraser Fir

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Introduced by John Fraser in 1811 from the USA, Abies Fraseri grows into a large evergreen and can reach up to 15 metres in the UK with a spread of about 8 metres. The champion in its native environment has reached 30 metres tall by 17 metres wide.

Abies Fraseri has a pyramidal habit and small dark shiny leaves, which have two silver bands on their underside, making it the Christmas Tree of choice in the States but it has always been third to Picea abies and the Abies Nordmanniana in the UK. It thrives on most free draining soils and produces purple coloured cones that typically mature to dark brown.

The leaves are between 1.25cm and 1.75cm long and in the East of the country this tree can put on about 40cm of extension growth every year.

Mature Height 12-17m

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Fraser Fir
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