Instant Ulmus Lutece
Instant Ulmus Lutece
Ulmus lutece
Medium Ulmus lutece
Ulmus lutece
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Ulmus lutece


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Also referred to as ‘Nanguen’ this clone has a complex parentage with Ulmus minor, galbra, Exoniensis and wallichiana all present in its genetic makeup.

Originally a Dutch clone, it was discarded for the unfounded fear it was susceptible to Coral Spot fungus but was adopted by the French instead who have planted extensively in Paris and surrounding cities. It rates 5 out of 5 on Dutch field tests regarding Dutch Elm Disease.

Green leaves are late to emerge in May and turn yellow in autumn, Ulmus lutece is a tough tree and tolerates urban pollution as well as coastal locations.

It is very temperature hardy and has been successfully planted in Scandinavia. Most importantly, it has been subject to 20 years of field trials in France before being released for general planting in 2002.

A very good proven track record!

Mature height: 17-22m

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