Time for trees - edition 04

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We have a digital version that is FREE to read and download here!

Time for Trees: A Guide to species selection for the UK - edition 04. Barcham's tree reference book, penned by Mike Glover, Managing Director of Barcham Trees.

This edition has around 30 new varieties and the tree index in both Latin and English that will help you to enjoy and navigate this stunning new tree reference book.

We have awarded our trees an A to E environmental rating and this book includes our 'Top Trunks Guide'. An easy glance guide to see how your trees will perform in terms of carbon storage!

There is also a new section on establishment and watering, as well as the importance of mulch.

It is a fully illustrated, soft or hard back Guide to Species Selection in the UK, focusing especially upon the species that are fully available for supply and planting in the UK.

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